Thursday, February 28, 2008

Tired Baby
Nadia was having Eli withdrawals after only two days of being separated so we went to Kari's today for a play date with a group of other moms and their children. She had a really great time and as you can see she was so exhausted that she passed out in the car on the way home. I was very excited to see this because this is the first time that she has slept in the car since we took the paci away. Knock on wood...but we've had two nights of absolute silence after laying her down, no fussing and no crying. We can only pray that this is the turning point and we've moved on. However, naps are a little trickier. She's not crying but she sure likes to protest before going down.


Megan said...

Keep strong momma!~ You are doing great. Love yah and can't wait to see ur new arrival!

Angel said...

Hooray!!! It's so cute when they fall asleep in the car. So, how are you feeling???

Megan said...

How are you doing?! You have 10 days left. Have you had your sweet baby girl yet?! Im praying for you!