Monday, February 11, 2008

A True Guitar Hero

Nadia has shown an interest in Daddy's Wii recetly and I'm not sure what to think about it...although, she does look pretty cute trying to play the oversized guitar. The hair is growing. I was able to pull it back in just one little pony tail the other day. She looks so different to us when the hair is up.

So, last Friday we had our first playgroup at our house. It was nice having the Moms and kids all over but Nadia wasn't as thrilled as I had hoped she would be. We know that Nadia is sensitive, tell her, "no," and she usually cries with hurt feelings but I had no idea that other kids could also push her sensitivity button so easily. There is this one adorable girl, Brooke, who is just a few months older than Nadia who really likes Nadia and doesn't leave her alone from the moment she sees her. Brooke loves to share a chair with Nadia when Nadia's already sitting in it, take away Nadia's pacifier so she can put it back in Nadia's mouth, and Brooke gives hug after hug that usually results in Nadia falling down. Brooke is so loving and just wanted to be where Nadia is but Nadia is quite frightened by her and cried whenever she got near. Needless to say, our playgroup was a long couple of hours with Nadia clinging to me whenever Brooke approached her. So now we hope that with each playgroup Nadia's backward personality learns to handle the stronger more forward type personalities. Also, we're looking to register Nadia into "pre-school" this fall to help further her social skills.;-)

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Breanne said...

preschool!! i cant believe it... that will be great! hopefully you have some pics to show of the play group...miss you guys!
oh, happy valentines day!!