Friday, February 1, 2008

Bounce Zone!

Amy and I took the kids to bounce off some energy. Of course I forgot my camera but thanks to Amy I have this photo to post. They have a toddler room but the kids wanted to visit the "BIG" room full of inflatables with tall ladders (too tall for them to climb) and huge slides. I was disappointed to learn that pregnant women are not allowed on any of the inflatables so poor Amy had to do all the work pushing the kids up the ladders and down the slides. Thank you Amy, Nadia had a great time.

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Angel said...

Very cute! Hey, I don't remember reading anything about putting the Thum on pacifiers but it could work I think. It's not that different really, you just would have to put it on all of them! Josh is actually asking for me to put it on his thumbs when he lays down, I think he thinks it's funny b/c I blow on it to help it dry faster. He says, "I want Thumb!" I would try never know!