Thursday, February 21, 2008


So Nadia had a play date with her friend Bella in Greenfield (about 40-45 minutes away) today. When I woke at 4 am and couldn't fall back to sleep, because there's absolutely no comfortable position at this point in the pregnancy, I knew the day was off to a bad start. Even on my way out the door something was telling me to just stay home (I had the same bad feeling I got when Jose came through our ceiling...I should have listened) but poor Nadia had been cooped up in the house for two days and I felt she really needed her play time with her friend. So we make it all the way to Greenfield, just a mile away from Missy and Bella's home, I was busy looking for a particular street and collided with an elderly man in a white truck. At first, it appeared that he had pulled out in front of me but when I got out I noticed that not only did he have a stop sign but so did I (darn, a 4-way stop and I completely missed it!). Anyway, the collision wasn't too bad despite the damage that the Honda sustained. Nadia didn't even cry but whimpered because of my scream when I realized what was happening. She was mostly intrigued by all the commotion, people and lights. An ambulance was called to the scene but I opted to stay put because I already had a doctor's appointment scheduled at 3 pm and Nadia seemed fine. My friend Missy picked us up and Nadia still got to play with Bella while we waited for Jose to come get us. The baby has been moving and the heartbeat is fine. I'm dilated to 3 cm and having many contractions so we'll see what happens next week.
Other News...

It's been 5 nights and 4 days since Nadia has seen her pacifiers. We pulled the plug Sunday evening and it was not pretty. She cried for an hour straight before passing out-we went in and tried to comfort her but she was so upset she vomited twice. I think I cried almost just as long and hard listening to my poor baby suffer. Each night has gotten slightly better with either shorter, hard crying/sobbing or long fussing spells. Wednesday night she seemed to have taken two steps back and it was painful listening to her cry so hard but tonight she was out in 15-20 minutes with mostly whining/fussing and a few minutes of crying. The ironic thing is that she's been awesome during the day without the paci even with naps and car trips. We debated the whole "cold turkey" approach but with Nadia it's all or nothing. She was so attached to the paci that she has tantrums/fits/breakdowns when we're out and she couldn't have it. Around the house, the paci had to be hidden or she would find it or ask for it. Without the paci, Nadia has been more even tempered, car rides are actually enjoyable and not a struggle, her eating has picked up, and so far she has slept every night completely through. The only thing that has changed for the worse, which should be temporary, is that while Nadia may be an early bird and occasionally have bouts of night awakenings she has always gone down without a fight. Putting her down (especially at night) has been a piece of cake. Now she has a hard time slowing down before naps and bedtime and obviously with all the fussing and crying doesn't want to go down without her paci. We know this should pass and we're hanging on. We really hate putting Nadia through this because we're okay with her having the paci until she's 2 but I'm glad we are because I cannot imagine attempting this with another child around the house or trying to keep a pacifier on hand for 2 children at all times. We're just praying that she will find comfort at bedtime without her paci soon.


Megan said...

I can't wait to see your new bundle of joy. I am hoping you go early :}

I am not too sure about the paci. I told my husband we will probably use it, but I don't want her to get attached. Its a tough decision.

Love yah and we are praying for you.

Angel said...

She'll get through it soon. Josh gave us some trouble falling asleep once he wasn't sucking his thumb anymore, but it didn't last long. I know it's so hard to let them cry, but you got to do what you go to do! Saw some more videos of us last night. One from my 13th birthday party. Guess who was there? John! I can't remember his last name?? Remember, your Johnny Angel? You kept turning away from my dad b/c he was videotaping! We were playing b-ball with the guys too! It was so funny! Next time I come to Indy, I'll have all those on DVD and I'll have to let you see them! Take care of yourself!!!

Anonymous said...

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