Monday, January 28, 2008

A New Chapter

This photo is just hilarious. Nadia seemed to be flirting with Jose's cousin, Marcel, but he was clearly uninterested.

While in MI, we visited with Uncle Jose, Aunt Julie and cousins: Ashley, Lauren, and Marcel. We had a wonderful dinner and dessert followed by a great game called Fact or Crap.

After 4 hours of driving to Michigan and quite a few tears, we finally dropped Beasley off at Geraldine's apartment. We're very sad over here but happy for both Beasley and Geraldine. Overall, our trip went very well (both Nadia and Beasley were great during the long ride). We did make an hour pit stop on our way too MI to let the dog walk around, so Nadia could play, take bathroom breaks, and to eat a "wholesome" meal at the Golden Arches. (There were a lot of photos we wanted to post but couldn't-if you click on the Perez Photo Album on the sidebar you can view more pictures of the trip-enjoy.)


Breanne said...

aaahh.. i am so sad that you guys are loosing beasley... but happy Geraldine will be taking good care of her!

Megan said...

Sounds like you had a great time. Your dog is so pretty. We have a tiny silky terrier. 6 pounds and his name is BOXER! haha He thinks he is sooo tough. He is now one so hopefully he will gain a few more pounds. But terriers don't get any bigger than 10 pounds. HAHA I know are they even dogs?! lol Have a great week!