Tuesday, January 1, 2008

No Croup for You!

Happy New Year Everyone! We hope you had a safe and fun New Year's Eve. We had a very memorable gathering here at the Perez household last night. Let's just say it involved IU Football losing by 20 in their first Bowl Game in 14 years, Beasley spending over 2 hours in the rain forgotten in the backyard, failed over-the-phone card tricks, and a scary trip for the Prather's to the ER.
The evening wasn't a total bust as we had a lot of laughs (for a lot of reasons but especially the over-the-phone card tricks), good food and got to spend it with great friends and family. Unfortunately the night ended just shy of 2008 with Carson's croup attack. Although no champagne was uncorked, and all of our guests left by 11:45 pm, we wouldn't have wanted it any other way (except for having Carson feel better). Let's do it again next year!
Thanks to the Prathers, Quinnettes and Wards for making the trip to our house. Best wishes in 2008!


Breanne said...

Happy New Year! Great pics Tatum... the one's with you and Jose are hilarious. By the look on your face.. i could have guessed IU was not doing well, ha!But Im curious... exactly what is the "over the phone card tricks"? Just curious to know who came up with this "brilliant" scam...

Megan said...

Your little girl is so cute! Happy New Year!