Monday, March 3, 2008

I'm a little behind with our posts but a lot has happened over the weekend. Therefore, I've divided this post up into a few different categories.

Playgroup Baby Shower
First, the girls from Nadia's playgroup threw me a baby shower last Friday. It was really nice, with the diaper cake (shown below), balloons, presents and food. Sonia received a few outfits, diapers and new books. I received a care package for the hospital with snacks and flavored water.

Another Night Out for Jose and I

Nana came over last Friday to watch Nadia while I went to my doctor's appointment. I'm still 3 cm, nothing new to report here. Anyway, Nadia went home with Nana that night so Jose and I were able to meet for dinner after he got off work and sleep in the next morning, knowing this is probably our last time. This was Nadia's first sleepover without her Paci and it was a success...Nadia went down without any problems. In fact, we've had 4 days and nights of Nadia putting herself down to sleep with no crying/fussing. It only took 12 exhausting/emotional nights to get there! If you notice in the first photo Nadia has her purse, phone and baby all handy on her little firetruck. We knew she was a girlie girl but it's becoming clearer and clearer. There's a photo below of her with her dolls. I think she would love to have a sister or 3 sisters. She enjoys sitting in this corner with her dolls now, it's a new thing.

A Real Boo-Boo

Sunday afternoon Nadia had a little accident when she tripped over the wheel of her grocery cart and fell face first into the fireplace ledge. After the initial panic wore off and the blood stopped, Jose and I had decision to make, ER or no ER. There was A LOT of blood but we got it to stop pretty quickly. Her teeth were fine but the inside of her lip was and is a huge open sore and it's bruised pretty badly. The outside doesn't look too bad but Jose and I were concerned because the cut stayed wide open and wasn't closing up. Anyway, with this being our first real accident we decided to play it safe and visit the hospital. What we learned is that if you can't close the wound or bring it together, then stitches are not an option and it's better to let it heal on it's own. At least in this case where the bleeding had stopped. So, all in all we should have stayed home but at least now we know everything is alright.


EP de Montfort Walker said...

yikes! It looks like you had just as busy a weekend as we did. Though thankfully we didn't have an ER trip. Hope Nadia is ok. and that you are all doing well.

Megan said...

Awww Nadia looked so sad with her booboo. I am glad you are doing well! Still praying!

Angel said...

Always good to play it on the safe side!!! It's so sad when your kids get hurt, but it happens so often - especially with boys!