Saturday, March 15, 2008

Our Changing Family

With Sonia's arrival, Jose and I are focused on making sure that each child receives plenty of one-on-one attention. Just 5 days after Sonia was born, Jose and I took Nadia to the Bounce Zone for some play time with Papi. Jose is even learning a few multi-tasking skills.

So things are very different around the Perez household. Nadia is now a big sister, which is weird considering she's only 20 months old. However, she's a very loving big sister. In fact, she doesn't care much about Mami anymore, just the baby. Nadia loves to give a thousand kisses and even helps out with getting the wipes and diapers when it's time to change Sonia. Nadia also never stops asking to hold Sonia.


Megan said...

That picture of your husband holding the baby while playing wii is so funny. I'm glad that everything is going well.

Angel said...

Isn't it great to another little oune to help get diapers?? Josiah loves doing things like that! Jose looks a little tired! Hope you're holding up and getting some rest!