Wednesday, March 5, 2008

First Easter Egg Hunt

On Monday, the Moms Club had an Easter Egg Hunt for the children. There were 15 eggs per child to find and they were all filled with candy. Nadia's age group went first and Nadia had no problem finding and picking up the eggs (although she made me hold the basket). However, once we entered the playroom where the eggs were hidden among the toys, Nadia forgot about the eggs and decided that the toys were a lot more fun. Nadia had her first taste of M & M's after opening the eggs, a huge hit with her. Anyway, this was the first Easter Egg Hunt of three. Papi will be taking her to the park's Easter Egg Hunt next weekend and then we have one more at my Aunt's house. I'm hoping she really gets the hang of it by the third time because all of her second cousins are older than her and she's going to have to know what she's doing if she's going to collect any eggs at all.
Other news...I had a Moms Club meeting today (first Wednesday of every month). The meetings take place at a nearby church and so there is a daycare area where the children can play. A couple of mothers watch the children while everyone else attends the meeting. Although children are allowed at the meeting it has been my goal to get Nadia to stay in the daycare without Mami because the last time we tried this she cried when I left the room. Nadia is great without me when she's at her second mom's home (Amy Prather) or Nana and Papaw's but other than this she hasn't had much practice being around strangers while I'm away. Well, today was a big day for a big girl who actually stayed put, played and let Mami wave and walk away without one peep. I was so shocked and amazed! I realize this will not be the case every time we go to a meeting but it was a huge step for us.

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Megan said...

How awesome. I loved easter egg hunts! Her first M&M wow! How exciting!
8 days left girl. You are going to make it! Have you found out anything else or are you still 3 cm. Im praying for you!