Wednesday, November 14, 2007

A Visit from Aunt Brea
Aunt Brea came all the way from Seattle to visit for a week. We're sad to say that she's leaving early tomorrow morning. It was a fun having the whole family back together and Nadia really enjoyed having another Aunt around, even if for a short time.

With Eli approaching his 1st Birthday, the interaction between him and Nadia just keeps on growing. Above, they're actually sharing a seat (sharing doesn't come that easy at this age). Eli and Nadia have developed quite a brotherly/sisterly relationship. It's so fun to see them playing together.

Okay, not a proud moment for Mom but too funny not to post. Aunt Brea was a witness to this famous pastime of Nadia's. Nadia loves to find Mommy's underwear and model them like necklaces. Oh, and don't's all clean.

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Angel said...

That pic of Nadia with the underwear is too funny!