Friday, November 2, 2007

2 Trips in 1

Last Wednesday we flew out to Orlando to visit Oma and Abuelo before heading on to Puerto Rico for a wedding. We all had high hopes for hot and sunny weather, even Nadia had her sunglasses with her for the trip. However, Florida was very cloudy (no rain) and in Puerto Rico there was a tropical depression and it rained 24/7 during our stay. Below is a photo showing just how gloomy it was although the view is awesome. Despite the weather we had a great time visiting with family and friends and Nadia was a traveling angel, we couldn't have asked for more from her.

The only sunshine we saw during our trip was from far above the clouds.
At 15 months, Nadia has become quite the traveling expert. She has taken one long road trip to New York and Washington D. C., flown to New York once, flown to Puerto Rico and Florida twice, and will be flying to Boston this month. Below Nadia is releasing some energy before boarding the next flight. Airlines board people needing assistance and those with children first. We decided it was best to board last on every flight. We were able to give Nadia more time to run around and spend less time sitting on the plane. The worst thing about flying with a child is preventing boredom. I had read in a magazine to never leave without window color clings (the window decorations that stick and re-stick). So I bought some that were Halloween themed and this was by far the greatest trick to keeping Nadia occupied and happy on our flights. Definite recommendation for anyone flying with a toddler.

Luckily for us Nadia was able to sleep a whole 3 hours on one of our longest flights and take a short nap on another, it was then that Mommy finally got some rest too.

We have so many photos of our trip that we we have broken them up into parts that we will be posting separately within the next few days. There are plenty more to come.

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