Tuesday, November 20, 2007

Photo Gallery
Yogurt Mustache
Nadia loves to make this scrunched up face, especially when she's eating. She just laughs when she does it...she's being funny.

We couldn't resist this photo after Church last Sunday. She just looks so adorable, we think it's the shoes.

Nadia has a new love, wrestiling and rolling around with pillows. This is our couch but bed pillows are just as fun. We should mention that Nadia has learned to climb up on the couch by herself. She's not always successful but every once in awhile you'll turn around and there she is, up on the couch playing around.

Mommy and Daddy were busy getting down Christmas lights on this day. We dressed Nadia to play in the cold garage while we were busy but the red wagon kept tempting her. Despite our feelings about the weather, Nadia loves the cold wind in her face. Daddy took her out for a ride in her favorite red wagon.

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