Wednesday, November 7, 2007

2nd Stop-Puerto Rico

We stayed with Abuela in Puerto Rico. We got the royal treatment during our visit. There was a gift basket waiting for Nadia when we arrived and Abuela didn't stop cooking for us the entire time. Arroz con gandules, empanadas, platanos, you name it. We really can't thank Abuela enough for letting us stay with her and for all that she did. We are very blessed to have seen both Great Grandmothers on our trip.
Nadia shows off her "evil eye" witch headband given to her by PR Abuela.

Hello pretty ladies...

We tried to get a cute photo of Nadia in the above dress but she woudn't sit still long enough. Anyway, thanks to Oma, we were prepared for the wedding with this beautiful dress and white dress shoes.

Shirley and Armando share their excitement with all of us shortly after getting married. What cute newleyweds!
Even though the weather didn't quite pan out like we had hoped to (goodbye Old San Juan, going to the beach or even being outside), we were lucky enough to see our friends and catch up with all of the happenings since we last saw each other during the summer.
Now that we have travelled to PR, New York, Florida and PR again this year (and soon Boston), we're looking forward to chillin' the rest of the year at home as we have to get all things ready for the arrival of 2.0 in March.


Megan said...

Hi! I am sure you remember, but I am Angel's little Sister, Megan. Your family looks amazing. I just wanted to say hello and its nice seeing how you are doing. Have a great week!


EP de Montfort Walker said...

tatum you look great! nadia looks great too. the whole family looks great. we can't wait too see you in a few days!!!