Saturday, June 7, 2008

In the Clear

It definitely has been a rough week in the Perez household with Tatum and Nadia being sick, but I am glad to say that they both are feeling better. More importantly, Becky, aka Nana, aka Tatum's Mom, got to go home from the hospital mid last week and is recuperating nicely. Here she is hanging out with Sonia and Nadia.

In other news, we have been having some really strange weather the last couple of weeks. Here is a pic that I took Friday night from our backyard. Definitely not normal. Just very orange.


Megan said...

We have also had weird weather, but I have no pictures to show. We have had TONS of rain and thunder storms and tornados.

I am glad that your mom is doing better. I am also glad that everyone is feeling better. I have been praying!

Anonymous said...

When the orange turned pink and then purple, I started to think the apocolypse was starting.