Friday, June 27, 2008

Hello everyone, it's been awhile and we're sorry. Things have picked up around here this summer but we hope to get back on track with our blog in mid July. As the new Treasurer for the Moms Club I myself am keeping pretty busy. We're also in the middle of planning for Nadia's Birthday and Sonia's baptism. We're still trying to get out to see my mom at least once to twice a week. Poor mom...she has had a tough time since the surgery. After visiting with the doctor last week they found that one of the incisions wasn't healing properly. Therefore, my dad has become the "nurse" around the house helping to change her bandages twice a day. This is very painful for my mom and so we ask for your prayers for a swift recovery. Other news this week...we may have a thumb sucker on our hands as you can see. Nadia has been cooling off in the pool with this hot weather and we had Chloe and Aunt Peggy pay a visit. Well, we're sorry we haven't kept things up to date but things should slow down after next weekend and we'll do our best to blog more frequently.

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Megan said...

Your baby girl is getting so big! Both of your girls are beautiful!