Thursday, October 9, 2008

Random Photo Posting

I feel bad that we're running a little behind on our posts but if you haven't heard, I placed our camera on the fireplace (not a smart move) and walked away for just a few minutes. During this time Sonia yanked on the strap and pulled it off the ledge. It fell only a couple of feet onto the carpet but it's no longer working. We're now using our old camera and it's been hard to remember to bring it along. So what have you missed since our last post? Pumpkin painting, lots of Halloween decorating, costume searching, some sleepless nights, teething woes, personal haircuts given by Mami, and lots of laughs. We've been having so much fun with the girls. Although Sonia's only 7 months, Nadia and her play very well together. Sonia most always wants to be where he big sis is and Nadia is really starting to show a lot of compassion towards her little sis. With Sonia's personality emerging more and more every day and Nadia's imagination going wild-Jose and I are having a blast watching them interact and really is great!


Angel said...

I love how my boys can play together! And yes, they fight too, but those times when they are having fun together, I love it! That's a real benefit of having them close together! I love your pics!

ღDemi♡.ღ said...

your children are so cute! hehe```` l also do love your pics!