Friday, October 24, 2008

Chunky Monkey with a Whole Lot of Banana!

Today the Moms Club put on a Halloween party for the kids with music, games, prizes and pizza. We had such a wonderful time! I had given thought to dressing up for this myself (to get into the spirit of things) but decided it would require too much thought and was a good thing because not one mom was dressed for Halloween! Instead I managed to put on a Halloween shirt and socks for the occasion. Tomorrow it's another fun filled day at ZooBoo (trick-or-treating at the zoo) and then we'll be looking forward to the real thing next Friday. It's sad to think there's only one more week in October...the best month of the year!
King Kong versus Godzilla
a.k.a. Sonia and Justin
Sonia and Nadia are in the same playgroup as Justin and his older brother, Carter.
This is my friend, Courtney. I think you've seen her in some previous posts on our blog. Anyway, we arrived today sporting the same Halloween shirts (not planned) so I had to get a picture of us together.

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Megan said...

Great pictures.
Their outfits are SOOOO cute!