Wednesday, September 3, 2008

Mom's Day Out-Week 2

Today was a good day...other than the initial drop off, there was no crying. Jose and I hung around while the assistants gave us a couple of 10 minute updates. Anyway, when I got home there was a message from the Coordinator, Patty, saying that Nadia was doing awesome and that she didn't even need her blanky. When I arrived to pick Nadia up, she was sitting at the table with all the other kids enjoying her snack. There were a couple of other children crying at the time but it didn't seem to bother Nadia at all, she just sat there and waved to me. So staying awake until midnight worrying about her wasn't worth it this time. Hopefully Nadia will do as well next week and I can finally get some sleep the night before and relax while she's away.


Megan said...

YAH!!!! I knew she could do it!

Breanne said...

thats great Tatum! Nadia did a fantastic job... go mom and dad!! And... adorable pics of Sonia sleeping, what a pretty pretty little girl!