Friday, September 12, 2008

6 Month Well Visit

Sonia had her 6 month well visit last Tuesday. She weighed in at 15 pounds and 9 ounces with a length of 26 1/2 inches. (This is a whole 2 pounds more than Nadia at 6 months and she's just a half of inch longer.) Anyway, the doctor says she's average on weight and just above average in height. Sonia has also been prepping for crawling by rocking on all fours and has learned to get around, slowly, by crawling her legs up under her and then flopping down on her belly. Today, we took Sonia to the neurologist and she will be having an EEG on September 30 to further research her upper body tremors. The doctor doesn't believe that it's epilepsy, rather an infant "shudder" that looks like a seizure and that is outgrown but there will be an EEG to be certain. In the photo above, Nadia decided that Sonia couldn't have enough toys and just kept piling them up.

I had to post this pic! What silly kids...they truly look crazy in this particular photo. Okay, so let's not forget to update you on Miss Nadia as well. I have decided to pull her from Mom's Day Out. Last Wednesday I didn't even take her. We were on our way when Nadia began asking about her playgroup buddies...I then explained that she would be playing with her friends Pete and Maya at class and she just began sobbing and saying, "home, doctor, Amy's, Nana and Papaw's, shopping..." She clearly wanted to be anywhere but at Mom's Day Out. In addition to this, Nadia has shown some regression in leaving her in the daycare while I attend my Moms Club meetings when we were finally doing so well and she even cried a little when I left her with Amy a few days ago. Whenever we're out now she seems to have this fear that I'm leaving and clings to me. I'll never know if this is just a phase or something I created my pushing too hard but either way, she's clearly too young for Mom's Day Out. Jose and I figure it's a lot of money to spend when she doesn't even look forward to it. Also, I don't see a point in pushing something on her so young when it's not required. In a couple of years she'll have to go to preschool and she may cry then too but at least she'll be old enough to understand that Mami is coming back.

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Megan said...

I can't believe Sonia is already 6 months. I don't know if you knew this but two years ago I got Myoclonic Epilepsy. I had my first seizure at my parents house while visiting. When the ambulance took me to the ER the doctors just said it was stress because we were about to sign on our house the next day. That was a bunch of bull crap. Everything I did was a seizure and even the EMT's said so. They did NO EEG on me. 2 months later I was in the shower and had another one and thank God Chris was home and hear a big thud! He then called 911 again and took me to the hospital. They then did a EEG and found out what it was. They then put me on medication and I have not had one since. I was so upset that Indy's hospital did not do one the first time because then I would have never had my second one and had to wait 6 months to drive! That was horrible. Anywho...I will be praying for her.

Nadia is so stinkin' cute! I love it how she brought all those toys to her sister. I like what you said, Nadia has plenty of time before she has to go to school. No need to push it on her now. More time with mommy. By the time she has to go to school you will want her home! ;} Pre-school will come fast enough!

Have a great weekend!