Tuesday, August 12, 2008

Potty Talk

We've been potty training since last Wednesday and things are going well...surprisingly well. Although we've been talking about "the potty" since Nadia could walk (i.e., emptying diapers into the toilet, letting Nadia flush, playing with a potty doll) we officially took the plunge and threw out the diapers and bought Dora undies and Dora pull ups last week. For our busy little girl, stopping to take time to go to the potty didn't sound like fun until it involved receiving an M&M or two. Anyway, by the second day she was letting us know that she had to go (most of the time) by running around with a piece of toilet paper in her hand and saying, "potty, potty". She has even gone to the potty without our help when she didn't need any assistance with getting her undies off. While Nadia learns to listen to her body, Jose and I are learning to watch for her cues and take action quickly. We feel that she's really caught on although we will not be completely accident free for some time. Our proudest moment thus far was when she let us know that it was time to go potty and used the public restroom at the State Fair (of course this was after she wet through her pull up when we arrived at the fair). It's been a crazy week and I'm completely exhausted... but so very proud of our Nadia.

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