Monday, July 21, 2008

Swim, Swam, Swum

We have found a way to beat the summer heat...water, lots of water. Jose had last Thursday off so we took the girls to the Forest Park Aquatic Center for the first time this summer. On Friday, I headed to the Benziger's to visit with my high school friends/college roommates, Patty and Amy, along with our moms. Not only did the kids have a blast but we got to enjoy catching up and some swim time too. Over the weekend, Jose and I headed to my mom and dad's for our date night. Then on Sunday, we were back in the water at my parents' neighbor's pool. Nadia and Sonia both love the water...maybe we have little future swimmers on our hands (I sure hope so).
We have so many wonderful photos of the past few days-please view our photo album titled "July-Swim" to see more

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Megan said...

Your pictures are great! Looks like she does LOVE to swim. That is always a good thing. Now all she needs is swim lessons! hehe