Friday, July 18, 2008

Random Photo Posting

I was trying to post everything that has gone on this last week but found it impossible. So here are some things from this week and other random photos that we never posted that deserve a spot on the blog. First of all, my sister has been gone since last Tuesday but we rarely get photos of the two of us together so I'm posting this one. The girls were not into having their photo taken of course. The pictures below are just some cute ones of Sonia and then Nadia in her new rain boots and on the tire horse swing at Nana and Papaw's. It was Carson's 2nd Birthday last Sunday, we had a great time at his Birthday party. We are feeding Sonia rice cereal now but she's not enjoying it much (the smile in the photo is for her sister, not the food) so we're taking it slow. We'll let you know how the future feedings go. Over the weekend I will try to post photos of Nadia at the Forest Park Aquatic Center and our pool day at the Benziger's.