Friday, May 16, 2008

Sonia or Nadia?

Order of photos: 1. Sonia 2. Nadia 3. Nadia 4. Sonia. Despite the obvious differences, color of eyes and the amount of hair, Sonia and Nadia still show a strong resemblance to each other. Nadia at 2 months was 23 inches in height and 10 pounds in weight whereas Sonia is 23 1/4 inches and 11 pounds 5 ounces. I should explain the last photo of Sonia. Nadia apparently wanted Sonia to play ball and stuck those there while she was sleeping, I often find baby dolls and all kinds of toys lying with Sonia whenever I turn my back. Fortunately, Sonia never seems to mind.

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Megan said...

How cute. They do look very much a like. Both of your girls are just so beautiful!

Yes, $13/hour. I have all my training in early childhood and children's ministries. Plus, I taught for three years.

If it was a friend...I probably wouldn't charge that much either.But, I really need money! :}