Sunday, May 11, 2008

The Hand

Sonia is very enthralled with her hands these days. She will make a fist, rotate and study it-it's more interesting than any of her bright colored toys. In this particular photo Sonia had been examining her hand for some time when sleepiness got the best of her. Anyway, Sonia has turned out to be quite the little talker/babbler just like her big sister. She coos at anyone who will look her way and when she's expecting someone to pay attention to her, it's adorable and just within the last couple of days the smiles just keep coming.
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Megan said...

awwww. Just perfect!

Angel said...

She's already changing...isn't it crazy how fast they grow? Well, I hope you're getting used to having two's more challenging, but so worth it! Hey, when you change your background, do you lose your link lists? Because I always have to redo my links, can you save those when you do a new background?

Megan said...

Thank you for your prayers!