Saturday, December 8, 2007

We're Goin' Streakin'!

On Friday, Nadia and I attended open gym at A Plus Gymnastics here in Noblesville. Unfortunately no photos were taken since I took the camera but forgot the ever so important memory card. Anyways, when we arrived, Nadia sat back and watched all the children for a few minutes before joining in. She eventually warmed up and walked the beams, climbed the wedges, bounced on the trampolines, played basketball, and even played around in the huge foam pit. She was in heaven with huge open spaces to run and so was I, since no entertaining or cleaning up was required.
Now, time to explain the above photo. I went into Nadia's bedroom after her naptime, just to find that she had taken her shirt off. We've always known that she's warm blooded like her Dad but now that she's undressing herself, we may have a problem keeping her clothes on.

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Breanne said...

Hey! didnt know you two were taking gymnastics now.. that is great! Hope to see some pictures soon.