Tuesday, December 25, 2007

Merry Christmas!

We spent Christmas Eve at Aunt Peggy and Uncle Dick's house. With a rapid growing family, the grandparents buy for the little ones and the adults get to enjoy a White Elephant gift exchange. We had such a wonderful time! It's always a treat when Nadia gets to play and hang out with her second cousins, as she loves following them around. The bathtub photo pretty much shows what they did all night. Looks like their recipe for happiness was a dark bathroom, flashlights and a few other toys since they were in there most of the night.

Christmas day festivities took place at our house. We woke up way too early (5:50 A.M.), watched Nadia open her gifts from Mommy and Daddy, Santa and out-of-town relatives. We then then set off for Mass (apparently Christmas day is the day to attend if you want a quiet, small crowd). Nadia passed out in the car on the way home but once we arrived home it was back to playtime again. Papaw and Nana then came over and we had our gift exchange. After a few hours of opening gifts and playing, Nadia finally took her nap while the rest of us had a delicious dinner.

Wow, this year was definitely a blast, thanks to Nadia. She would let out a big "Ooooooooo!" with every gift that she opened and even enjoyed helping us open our gifts. (We'll try to post a video by the weekend.) Well, after today, Nadia can clean the house with her vacuum, write her grocery list down on her easel, travel by hopping donkey or ride her radio flyer to the grocery store, fill up her shopping cart with plenty of food, and then prepare us a nice dinner in her new kitchen. Yep, sounds like Mommy can take a little break and let Nadia handle the chores for a few days.

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