Tuesday, December 22, 2009

The Nutcracker Ballet

Last Thursday, we joined Nadia's preschool class at the Scottish Rite Cathedral for the Nutcracker Ballet. One of her classmate's mother performed in the play. The kids were able to get photos with the cast afterwards. We had a wonderful night going to dinner, to the ballet, and downtown to see the lights. I don't think Jose and I have both been out with just Nadia since Sonia was born. We were a little worried that she wouldn't want to go without Sonia (she typically likes us all to be together as a family) but she was just the opposite. She kind of flaunted the fact that she was going with us and Sonia had to stay because she was too little. I guess we need to make more one-on-one time.
Some of the children in Nadia's class. Mrs. B on the left and Courtney Koch (Connor's mom) on the right.

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