Sunday, October 18, 2009

The Year of Pumpkins

We made our annual visit with the Prathers to the Stoneycreek Farm Pumpkin Harvest Festival. We always have a great time but this year was even better. There were many additions to the festival that gave the kids much more to do and we had the perfect fall weather, nice and cool. We came back with 1 small pumpkin this time seeing as we grew 2 of our very own, Great Aunt Peggy grew 2 giant pumpkins for the girls, Nana bought 2 pumpkins for decoration, and a friend of ours brought over 2 pumpkins as a gift for the girls. There are additional pics to view in our photo album.

Jumping Pillow

Hot chocolate for everyone!
Jose "wowed" us all by preparing and bringing a thermos bottle full of hot chocolate.
Hero of the day!

Silly Monster Faces

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