Monday, May 18, 2009

Slumber Party

We purchased a sleeping bag for Nadia to use during our stay in Michigan a few weekends ago but didn't end up using it so our weekly movie night also became a little Perez slumber party here at the house. Jose lasted all of ten minutes before he was on the couch and I made it through the night but joined Jose on the couch in the early morning.We asked Nadia why she ended up on the floor outside of her sleeping bag and she explained that it was too hot. I wish I had known because I was freezing the entire night.


Anonymous said...

All the things we do for our kids!!!


Breanne said...

funny tatum!! and awesome pictures!
i had to laugh out loud when you mentioned you were 'freezing all night'... reminded me of the time you stayed with me in Indy. i woke up to find on the couch with a hat, gloves, and at least 3 blankets.... hilarious!