Thursday, January 29, 2009

Work in Progress

Nadia's latest obsession is uttering the phrase, "I'll do it." From brushing her teeth, to going to the bathroom to getting dressed. It's great to see her show some independence. As you can see, sometimes the results can be quite comical.

Do you feel a draft in here?



Kute by Kari said...

I love love love this post. It is too cute! The things we have to look forward to.

Breanne said...

oh tatum... this is too adorable! she is hilarious! "a draft"? "what"? of course not :)

Amy said...

these are classic. I am sure one day she will love the fact you posted them on the blog. Hilarious!! I know what you mean by doing everything themselves...Carson is the same way and ends up peeing on the floor:) He is now banned from going by himself.

Megan said...

How cute and funny.

Anonymous said...

Hilarious! You'll be breaking those out to show all her boyfriends!