Sunday, November 16, 2008

Weekend Update

After much thought, we have decided to give you weekend updates rather than try to post daily. Therefore, we are asking that you please check back with us each weekend to find out what we've been up to...
This past week Jose had Veteran's Day off so we ended up at Bounce Planet, a first for us. Our intentions were to wear Nadia out but I think Jose and I were the ones that came home exhausted...time to get back into shape!
This weekend was busy yet rejuvenating for Jose and I. On Saturday, we headed to Kokomo for our date night. We had a nice quiet dinner and then Nadia stayed all night with Nana and Papaw and Sonia (who will not take a bottle) came home with us. Apparently, Nadia and Sonia had lots of fun and laughs with the ride-on toy at Nana and Papaw's. In the photo below, Sonia was actually the one doing all the pushing. Nadia has her little sis just where she wants her. SUNDAY:
Jose worked a few hours for Huntington Bank at Lucas Oil Stadium prior to the game. The tradeoff? Two, 3rd row tickets at the game!!! How awesome is that?!? What a day! Not only did we have great seats but the Colts pulled off a win. Go Colts! Thanks to Nana and Papaw (again) for watching the girls and giving us a day to ourselves. Another perk to the day...while Jose worked before the game, I melted into a leather chair at a little coffee shop in Circle Center Mall, enjoyed a "Wake Me Up" Mocha & Caramel Latte, a book and was at peace for a couple of hours.

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Megan said...

Very cute pics and great updates!