Sunday, April 6, 2008

Spring is here!

Spring is finally here...after what seemed like an interminable winter, we can finally go outside and play. Since it was so nice here in Noblesville today we decided to get the girls out and about. Nadia walked around the block a couple of times and really enjoyed playing on the neighborhood playground. She swung on the swing, rode on a bouncy turtle, and especially enjoyed going down the slides. We just wish that the weather were like this year round! Please see our photo album for more pics-you'll even see Tatum and I having a little fun at the park too.
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Megan said...

Your two girls are so blessed to have such a great mommy!

BTW You look great!!! I would have never guessed you just had a baby!

Angel was the same way after her boys. Went right back to being skinny! So jealous! lol

Anonymous said...

Are you cleared medically to "pole" dance like that?