Tuesday, October 2, 2007

Cincinnati Road Trip
This is Will, Patty and Mitch's little boy who is so cute, loves to smile and has the best 2 dimples you can find.
Will is a very curious boy. Here he's going to get that toy at the bottom of the basket at any cost!
So we learned that Will enjoys a tummy rub before going down for his nap (at least on the weekends when Mitch is home). He lays on the blanket above, on his back, while Mitch gently rubs his belly and Will quietly closes his eyes and goes to sleep. This is much like what you see with Alligators on the Animal Planet:) Well, after Will went up for his nap Nadia decided to give the blanket a try too and seemed to find it quite comfy. The Troll obsession... Nadia's favorite toy at the Carson's were the troll dolls that Patty has had since she was a child.

This past weekend the Perez family headed off to Cincy to visit our good friends Patty, Mitch and Will. We got off to a rough/late start from Noblesville and when we arrived in Cincy we realized Nadia (who didn't sleep during the 2 hour drive) had a leaky, very wet diaper and skirt. However, despite all this we had a great time visiting with the Carson's. Patty washed Nadia's skirt for us and Mitch entertained the kids by pulling them around in a little brown basket above. The kids got along very well and we have to say that Will is growing up so fast and we miss seeing it. Oh and for those of you who aren't aware, Patty and Mitch are expecting their second child one week before us (March 6).

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