Wednesday, August 29, 2007

It's a ghost...

No, it's just Nadia practicing for Halloween in Mommy's fleece jacket. That's our's never too early in the Perez household to jump start the Holidays (especially Halloween and Christmas).

I know, Nadia in the pool again?!? What can we say, it's a HOT summer! Nadia got a break from all the boys when her friend, Bella, came over for a visit.

Nadia sporting her new "girlie" camo jammies.

Nadia preparing to become to a caring BIG sister.
Not only does she love to push the baby around in her stroller
but she makes sure that the baby has her paci and even gives her a bottle.

1 comment:

Breanne said...

Great pics.... Nadia appears to be keeping the family busy! She is just too cute... speaking from a proud aunt, I cant help but brag about her to my colleagues.
I cant wait to come home again.. miss and love everyone!